Monday, December 22, 2008

The global economy.

What is this economic slowdown going to do to the global economy, and how is it going to affect my search for international employment.

I want to go back to China, but I also want to have a career that I like. Right now I'm learning a lot at school and a ton at my job about sales, finance, good management practices, and how a company works. But I'm a residential loan officer. That's a long ways from a country manager or a relationship expert creating smooth transitions to internationalizing companies moving into China. I want to be involved in the big picture, working on projects that move the corporation forwards. What I'm doing right now is not very close to that, and not a stable, versatile type of employment that makes HR managers looking for factory managers raise their eyebrows.

And even if I finish school and find a dream job where I either get to move to China or travel there often, pulling in a hefty salary to work with a bit more responsibility, what are my prospects? Is the international market going to recover in the next six months, or will it be more like 15 years? Things are tough right now. Credit markets and banks are not lending, those who have jobs are not spending, and as the equity in large corporations disappears, those who were heavily invested in stock are suddenly finding their wealth dissipated. Is this the job market for a novice MIB to get into? I have a lot of assets to bring to the table, but I don't have enough yet if my competition consists of managers with ten years of experience. I need to get into a new industry and to do that I need to start making more waves.

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